Zak Ozbournes AAIA Voting Guide
AAIA Vote Helper

AAIA Voting Guide


Some of my friends and I have been nominated in the Australian Adult Industry Awards.

The Australian Adult Industry Awards

I am writing this Guide to help you navigate your way through the Awards voting system and vote for us!

Vote for me!

Vote for my friends!


Maxine’s Australian Adult Industry AwardsTM - A.A.I.A® is a glamorous black tie event which acknowledges, celebrates and rewards the achievements of people across all sectors of the adult entertainment industry. Now in its 24th year, it has been held annually since the first event in 2001.

Note: You can only cast one vote per day in each Award Category, but you can vote again on the same day in other award categories.

Vote for my friends!

Alpha Female – Industry Leader

Lucy Banks


Vote for Lucy Banks now! Copy Link

Alpha Male – Industry Leader

Jas strong



Vote for Jas strong now! Copy Link

Best Dinner Date Companion

Jas strong



Vote for Jas strong now! Copy Link

Best Female Stripper



Vote for TIA CARRERA now! Copy Link

Best Girlfriend Experience




Vote for GRACE THOMPSON now! Copy Link

Best Male Online Content Creator

Jas strong



Vote for Jas strong now! Copy Link

Best Male Porn Star

Girth Master


Vote for Girth Master now! Copy Link

Best Male Tattoo Model/ Actor

Logan Stapleton

Vote for Logan Stapleton now! Copy Link

Best Sexy Fashion Retailer

Cherry Pop


Vote for Cherry Pop now! Copy Link

How to Vote in the AAIA

#1 - Register your e-mail

Log in with your Email or Facebook account

#2 - Pick a category

Find the category you want to vote in and click 'Vote'

#3 - Choose your nominee

Choose your nominee and click 'Vote'

#4 - Confirm your vote

Click the 'Confirm Votes' button on the page

#5 - Vote again

Choose another nominee to vote for

Be sure to come back and vote each day